Force a rescan on the SM from GUI

Hello. I'm looking for feedback on how to speed up our site surveys. When we connect to a sector, it will stay connected to that sector unless we reboot the SM or add a preferred AP. We don't want to do either of these as they both take too long when we might be surveying to 3-4 towers at a customer's home.

Is there a way to force a re-scan in the ePMP GUI or can we request a feature be added in future firmware to force a rescan that connects it to the strongest sector? This will greatly improve our survey times.

Thank you

Hi Darin,

That feature is already implemented and will be delivered in the next official FW version.

Thank you.


How do you force the re-scan in ePMP GUI?

In v4.4.1, don't know when they added it , there is a "Restart" button above the "Show Details" button on the AP's list ( Monitor > Wireless ).  It doesn't appear to work however.

My v3.5.6 radios do not have that button so it was added in one of the v4.somethings.

I only have one site running v4.anything and the client radios at this site (A micropop) can only see the one AP.  Pressing the "Restart" button does not appear to actually do anything.  I press it and the screen appears to refresh but the "Time since last scan" doesn't change and there  is nothing to indicate it is actually scanning when you press the button. The entire 5Ghz spectrum is selected in the radio for both 20 and 40Mhz so it should take it a bit to scan the entire range but there is nothing going on to make it appear the radio is scanning or anything.

The picture below is after pressing the "Restart" button a half dozen times over about 15 minutes.

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You can always press the "Disconnect" button on the AP side for this client. We will check why the "Restart" button doesn't work. Is it 11ac or 11n SM?



  Ok so I have one site running 4.anything (the AP and all clients are 4.4.1 was 4.4.3 but had to revert)  a 3000L micropop with 10 clients. Only one client is AC (F300-16) the other 9 are various N's. Just FYI I'm remote into these radios.

The F300-16 appears to rescan when I press the "restart" button. That is the screen grays out for 20 secs or so and when it comes back, and you refresh the page, the Time since last scan and the "session time" on the radio have reset.  On the N radios it appears to refresh the screen but the Time Since Last Scan nor the Session Time change.

I just noticed that on the both the AC the "Notifications" button at the top get 3 notifications when you hit the "Restart" button.

08:41:15 The AP list has been refreshed successfully
08:41:33 Connection temporarily lost.
08:41:33 Connection has been restored.
The N radios just get:
10:30:53 The AP list has been refreshed successfully

The N's don't appear to be actually doing anything other than generating that one Notification.

@Dmitry Moiseev wrote:


You can always press the "Disconnect" button on the AP side for this client. We will check why the "Restart" button doesn't work. Is it 11ac or 11n SM?


No, you can't "always" press the button on the AP...  The people that need AP survey most often are the installers doing installs/repairs and the installers , nor the customer radios, have access to the AP's much less the ability to log into one and press buttons.... also, even if I gave them access to the Access Points, which I won't be doing, they are on their phones and it's hard enough to work with just one radio on the ePMP GUI much less two radios !