Force re-scan

How to force a rescan of the SM module?

Is possibile without rebooting everytime?

you can disconnect the CPEs from the AP, go to monitor, then wireless. hit the disconnect button and you'll drop the CPE and force a re-scan.   

ok, and what is the command from CLI to disconnectStation?

I need to implement on my custom webApplication


I'm not sure, i haven't tried to do that. here is the CLI references for the EPMP.

There is no command to deregister.



To force a rescan try using cambiumForceSTARescan (OID: . That's the SNMP name and OID.  I'm checking with the team now if this is supported in CLI. 



Thanks Sriram

Next week I try with SNMP

Scan via SNMP works but after a ForceRescan one AP get bad Wireless Key (is the same on both APs)

 I try a reboot and the result is