force to disconnect STA from AP

is there batch way to disconnect connected STA from AP? i trying to establish radius eap-ttls authentication, but AP authenticate STA forever, without any authentication timeout.

credit of some customers, sometimes may be too bad and my billing need to disconnect these customers. how i can force to disconnect customers with the infinite authentication?


Trying to understand your question. Are you trying to deny service to your customers using RADIUS? For example, if they have not paid their bill.

In software release 1.4.0, you can can go to the AP GUI to the Monitor -> Wireless Status screen. There will be a list of connected STAs by MAC address (in the future we will add IP address and I think a STA name). When he finds the correct STA, he can select the “disconnect” button under the Disconnect STA column. This will force the STA to de-associate to the AP and then re-associate again using EAP-TTLS.

The assumption here is that you have already changed EAP-TTLS on the AP. (Configure button --> Security Tab on left) And you have setup EAP-TTLS on the ePMP Station.