Force180 won't boot


I have one Force180 with 3.4.1. or with 3.5 (not sure) which won't boot.

SM is connected via PoE adapter and power light is on. Ethernet light never even flashes, there is very small flash for 3. signal light, but barely visible. SM is not reachable via ethernet.

Any idea?



In case Ethernet LED doesn't flash at all device can be broken.

You may try to recover FW through u-boot recovery mechanism to exclude possibility of FW crash.

Thank you.

I tried over that proccedure but it doesn't work.
I guess RMA is the only option left?

Is this a brand new unit out of the box? Or was it working and now not booting anymore?

If its the former, then RMA is the only option. 

Either ways, contact our support team and they will help with next steps. 

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Was working for about  a month, now it doesn't anymore. I will contact support for RMA.

Thank you for your help