Force200 & Netgear router slow speeds

We've been having speed issues with some customers using Netgear Nighhawk routers.  The get half speed at best.  Netgear router plugged into Force200, laptop Ethernet to Netgear will get 10-20Mbps.  Laptop  or Mikrotik router directly into Force200, we get full 50Mbps.  Same results after upgrading firmware in Netgear.  So we've been telling customers it's a Netgear issue.  Until the most recent customer who was planning to switch to us from a competitor that uses Ubiquiti. Plug the Netgear into Ubiquiti SM, get close to 50Mbps.  Plug it into Force200 get 10M.  Plug TPLink or Mikrotik into either radio, get 50M.  Anybody else see anything like this?

I'm curious what results if you set provisioning to 10Mbps instead of 50 - do they still get 10Mbps or do they then get ~2Mbps?


 My thinking is that it would likely get 2-4Mbps in the scenario above, and if that's the case I'd suggest checking what the MTU is set to on the WAN port of the router...


Out of curiousity, if you plug the netgear into the Mikrotik then the F200, what speeds do you get?

We have gotten to the point here that we require a Mikrotik at headend (helps with trouble shooting) and if for some reason they wanna use some generic crap router like a nighthawk, we just have them bridge it (AP mode) and turn wifi off on the Mikrotik.

Thanks for the suggestions.  We did check and see that the MTU was 1500.  We will try changing the MIR speeds to see what difference that makes.

That's another thing we were going to try when we go back onsite, although the plan was to put the Mikrotik in bridge mode.