Force300 firmware developing times

Hello there,

we're using a couples of Force300 for testing in PTP links trying to get more bandwidth than Force200 does.

The problem is that after more than 2 months that we installed them, we're still having a lot of troubles and poor performance... almost equal to Force200.

I understand that Cambium are developing new firmware updates but it seems that they are going pretty slow delevoping new release with all the Force300 features enabled (like 80 Mhz channel bonding, eptp mode and so on...)

Can Cambium tell us what are the expected date to get into new firmware releases for Force300 new features working?

We've more links to setup but for now they are almost unuseful compared to Force200.

Sorry for my bad English...

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Only issue i have had, make sure Spectrum Analyzer is disabled, it will cause frequent drops.

Link capacity i read is scheduled for 4.1.2

Most normal features scheduled for 4.2.2 which is estimated around epmp3000 release

If i remember correctly, backwards compatibility and other things are planned to 4.3

We are able to run 20/40 no problem, did not have a clean enough spectrum to try 80mhz more than a little, which stability made it pass a little more than 40mhz.

Thanks.... I didn't know those release timeline for Force300 firmware...