Force425 Management VLAN

Should this be a valid VLAN config on a Force425 used as a PTP device? I’m using the SFP port. I never see the MAC on the switch with a vlan enabled.

That looks fine. I sometimes experience odd behavior on the station end of a PTP link with these where ip connectivity to them is flaky.

Do you see the mac on your switch with the management vlan disabled on the radio?

I see the MAC on vlan32 on the AP side, but nothing on the subscriber end for local management

OK, it looks like the ‘Ethernet and Wireless’ setting didn’t save in the VLAN settings after reboot

If your PTP switch port is a trunk then this works but if your just connecting with an access port then you will not see the management vlan mac on your switch.
you also need to have the access control setting to ethernet and wireless on both the AP and the SM with L2 and L3 firewalls disabled.

Hi @ryanm1,

so did you sort your issue?

If not is the management vlan number configured on switch port below slave? Did you try to ping something below slave from the station in the same broadcast domain? There should be at least one packet from station to make the switch below slave learn it.

I did. the only change required was setting (a 2nd time) the ‘Ethernet and Wireless’ setting. It was set correctly in the screen shot, but it did not seem to take effect until after reboot, and at reboot it lost that setting.
I tested this more than once. I had to connect via the AP’s ethernet port on the SM’s management VLAN to access it and reset the ‘Ethernet and Wireless’ setting.
Not sure if it’s a bug or an expecatation that it won’t enable with the VLAN settings.