Forward rules

Hello to all.

I’m quite new to the Canopy world, so forgive me if I’m asking stupid questions…

My question is: is it possible to set a forward rule on a SM (or even on an AP) so that all the traffic coming out from the SM on a specific port (or a specific protocol) will be redirected to a give IP? For example, I want to forward all the traffic of port 21 to a specific server. Do you think it’s possible to do it directly on the SM (or AP)?

Thanks so much for your help!


Software version 8.2 has port mapping.

Thanks Jerry!

Does it work also for outgoing traffic? I saw this for incoming traffic (I don’t remember the version of the software actually).

Thanks again!

It’s just the same functionality as a basic DSL router so incoming traffic on xyz port is forwarded to specified IP.

What you are asking for is advanced routing functionality which Canopy does not have.