Found an AP Lite with CNMaestro

There is a way to found in the network APs with license "Lite"in CNMaestro?

In AP i see "APL" for understand that it's Lite. 

Currently it appears that cnMaestro is not collecting information that would indicate if the AP has a "Lite" license or not.  I am still investigating this and will reply back with a more definitive answer after I discuss with others.  This will likely be after the long weekend.

How would you use this information?  This would help us understand how to present this data if/when it is added.

To clarifiy, is this for PMP or ePMP devices?

Pmp 450

it's helpful to find APs with limited license and upgrade them if near the limit of 10 users. It has already happened that SMs did not join the AP because these "lite" and with already 10 users.

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Thanks for the information.  We will take this into consideration.

I suggest you also add this to the Ideas section to give it more visibility and to gauge interest with others.