Frame Utilization % shows up in Throughput monitoring tab.

We are constantly finding ourselves having to jump back and forth between the Frame Utilization tab and Throughput tab. It would be very useful to have the last ran Frame % show up in the Throughput tab somewhere in the Board Perfromance column where the actual throughput values are given. Without this, if you are not sitting in front of the screen monitoring it, you wont know what frame % you are getting at the throughput values. This is much needed for an RF environment that seems to be constantly changing and would give a better picture of what actual throughput speeds you are getting if you know your modulation rates are changing. To take it a step further, larger historical data options would be nice. Right now 3HR is the max for display, an 8HR or 12HR option would be more benefical. More and more customers are using data later into the night. If i stop looking at this around 8-10pm, there is no way to see anything going on the next day becuase 3HR's is the max display. Also, being able to save this data or export it out to save would awesome. This could further the ability to track your RF environment and throughput usage. If you can manage to throw in an option for actual graphing (similar to epmp throughput chart but have it based around frame % vs throughput at exact time of the day) instead of data columns, that would be next level monitoring!