Freeze the time period

Feature request: in Maestro go to a cnwave customer, go to links, go to events. Note: right side of the screen says “last 1 hour” to “last 7 hours”.

it would be nice if we set the time period and then click on the next customer and the time period would stay the same. For example: set the time period to “last 7 days”, click on the next customer – it should stay on the “last 7 days” until you leave the links-events screen.

The default can be “last 1 hour”

this is beneficial when looking at links on each individual customer in the network.

This would also be useful for non-cnWave devices such as PMP450 or ePMP for troubleshooting signal/modulation drops that are affecting multiple clients.

Edited to add: specifically zooming into a time frame for one device, then move to the next device and keep the same time frame.