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I am in the process of setting up a Force 300-25 ePMP (firmware 4.6.2) as an SM to a Force 200 AP (firmware 3.5). The issue is that the value for the Operating Frequency is showing as Frequency Hold Off and not the frequency that corresponds to that of the AP (in this case 5150MHz). How can I activate the operating frequency on the SM? I’ve already entered a range of frequencies that includes the 5150MHz on the 20 and 40 MHz scan list but to no avail. Should the models/firmwares always match?

Any recommendations are highly appreciated.

The AP and the SM need to have the same firmware. I don’t believe 4.6.2 will connect to 3.5. I have never tried to connect a Force 300-25 to a Force 200, so I can’t answer if this will even work.


Hi Cheree,
Thank you for your invaluable input and recommendations. I opted to use the same model ePMPs (Force 300-25) as AP and SM and the same firmwares. The system is now working as expected. Thanks again!

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You’re welcome! Glad it’s working now.

Me too and especially glad that I received invaluable feedback from this community.

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