frequency reuse

… looking at the guide (epmp user guide v2.2 p.94)I have some questions about frequency reuse :
1)at which distance must be two AP to operate in conditions of normal visibility and obtain the reuse?
2)can we do 6 smaller sectors(6x60°)? what type (front-to-back isolation) of antennas?

  1. If you are asking about distance between APs on nearby towers, we typically do not recommend using the same frequency on two APs facing each other. If you do decide to deploy that way, then you need to make sure the SMs on the AP on one tower don’t hear the AP from the nearby tower. The distance can depend on many factors such as terrain between the towers, thick tree covers between the towers, how the SMs are installed (perhaps behind a wall so it doesn’t hear the other AP) etc.

    2) Cambium currently does not support 60° antennas for ePMP. If you decide to use a third party 60° antenna, then you need > 30 dB of front-to-back isolation. You will also need at least 5 MHz of guard band between adjacent channels.

About the point 1), in the user guide two sectors at the same frequency are orthogonal (90 °) and not in front of the other(If I am not wrong):
in these conditions, what distance or other parameter must be respected?

Sorry, I misunderstood you. Yes, the User Guide talks about two sectors on the SAME tower facing away from each other. You need at least 3 feet of separation between the antennas. As for the parameters that must be respected, please refer to the following two documents at:
1. ePMP ABAB frequency reuse deployment
2. ePMP Configuration in a Frequency Reuse Deployment

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