Frequent outage - Cnmaestro

I am having frequent outage on devices on Cnmaestro.
They randomly go offline and come back. we have 3 different sites but cnmatrix from each site and APs from each site go offline all at once.

It used to go all devices throughout all sites went offline but now randomly goes down .

Lodged the ticket with cambium and they cannot find the answer and it has been 3 months.
One time, the support asked me to provide the show tech file when the outage happens which does not make any sense as the device is offline and I cannot run command on remote CLI when the device is offline.

The support is just asking me to update the firmware to the latest.

but while waiting for their reply, we are still getting those outages like twice a week.

Connection to this site is via LTE/GPON/other ?
Show DNS setting on the network ?
Any power cycle of the router or switch ?
There is POE switch or dedicated power supply unit for each AP ?