Frequent users disconnections from xv2

In our company we have installed 6 xv2 AP and we use a Radius authentication.
We have done some relevations about interferences and it’s all ok.
The problem we are encountering from the installation is that users continuously disconnect and reconnect from the wifi.
This situation at now is not affordable because there are about 60 employees that work.
Anyone has experienced the same situation or any other knows how to adjust the situation?

Hello Ale R, welcome to the community!

What are you using for firmware? Have you tried the newest stable release: 6.4.1-r15?

This is typical for xv2-2 in huge interference area. I had replace xv2 by another vendor. Xv2 is so so poor vs other wifi6 products.

HI Ale R,

We did not see such an issue in our lab. Please create a ticket on the cambium support site( for this problem.

Or send the tech support logs to me (


If possible, please share comparison data of XV2 vs other wifi6 products.

You never see any errors in your lab. However, they are still present at customers, just what is the case?
Your standard response from your support is “It works for us”.
Therefore, I do not report errors to the website because you do not find them and do not fix them anyway. I replaced xv2-2 with cheaper and much better equipment from the American manufacturer. It works, does not hang, there are no problems with the soft and in addition the Samsung A12 logs correctly to WPA3, which could not be achieved in the XV2-2.
So much for my part, I’m not waiting for an answer.

I do not have time to find logs because the devices have been in the garage for 3 months. If I find someone who needs such weak equipment, I will gladly give it away for free :slight_smile:

Sometimes, we are not able to replicate in our lab scenarios, so we will ask the customer to provide the remote setup and debug the problem.
We always try to fix them after getting support from the customer.

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What software are you using?

6.4.1-r15 has a huge bug, random user disconnects, we downgraded to 6.4 to solve the issue.

We’re running 6.4.1-r15 and it seems to be working fine for us… it’s kinda crazy the vast differences that operators have in using this gear. I’m writing this over an XV2 right now :slight_smile:

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We hit a bug (confirmed from Support) and it was nasty, you just couldn’t work over WiFi. RF connection is still established, but conectivity through Ethernet doesn’t work, you can’t reach GW in network. Very strange, but we were troubleshooting for a few days before Support let us knew that there is a known bug…

Since boxing up my XV2-2s… I don’t have any problems with DNS or disconnects of devices from my network anymore.

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