Freshman Year... day?

I have started taking the Conecting U freshman year to learn as much as I can about the cambium products. my current company is runing four PTP820 radios with two being primary and two as standby for our main link to the field. I completed all the video training on the PTP820's and didnt care for them much. I am more of a hands on learner and didnt get alot out of those videos. I am however, about half way through the freshman course and have thuroughly enjoyed all the training videos as they are somewhat interactive. I look forward to learning more and hopefully installing more cambium equipment in the future. 




I am happy to hear that you are enjoying the Connecting U course. What didnt you like about the PTP 820 videos? Getting feedback is important part of our job as instructors and I was hoping you could share some of your thoughts, either here or to me directly at

Bradley Schubert

Multimedia Instructional Designer

Cambium Networks

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