✈Friends! Looking for cnPilot Indoor and Outdoor deployment stories

Hello friends:

  The cnPilot Wi-Fi team is looking for some interesting stories of Indoor and Outdoor deployments that you'd like to share. Over the last one year we've found people deploying our products in Retail,  Hotels (Hospitality), Education and office campuses, public outdoor Wi-Fi, and Events.

   We suspect there are more such deployments that we haven't heard about. If you'd like to share a few lines we and the community here would appreciate it very much  

And  by way of Thanks - if we like your story, we'll send you a thank you gift card  (limited quantity offer).

Some things you can share:

- Type of deployment:  Hotel/Education school or College/Outdoor Campus etc.

- Type of APs used: cnPilot E400, cnPilot E500

- Quantities of APs used: <How many APs installed>

- A photo or two of the site or location (with or without APs)

-  Are you Willing to be a reference or a case study partner? (Yes/No)