FTTx Solutions Are Here

Check out the press release on our new FTTx multi-gigabit solutions. Post your questions and comments to this thread.

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I’m actually designing a very large network, and I’ve talked about hardware with several vendors.
Looking at the price list of equipment, I have only 2 comments:

  • the price of OLT is out of space
  • in Europe, even Ciena equipment (which has more experience in fiber optics than you) is several times cheaper.
    In my part of Europe, similar devices can be bought for 1/4 of your value.
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Hi @PFR,

Thank you for your interest in Cambium Fiber products!

This is always the case that you can find something cheaper.
But I wouldn’t go with the solution that is 4 times cheaper taking into the consideration the following:

  • the active equipment is usually not the biggest part of expenses when you are building PON Network;
  • investment in PON equipment is the investment for the next 5-10 years;
  • price of the ONT is more important than price of the OLT; (1 PON port can handle 128 GPON + 256 XGSPON ONTs)
  • the price of licensing, technical support & maintenance is important too;
  • the complexity of deployment and management matters;
  • the replacement of OLTs and ONTs when the network is running in production costs x10;

Cambium Fiber solution, as you could see on ePMP product example, is the long term project that makes the leading edge technologies available for customers, provides compatibility between different product generations, supports older product generations, provides technical support and single management system for wide variety of wireless and wired products.

BTW, what Ciena product are you comparing with Cambium Fiber OLT?

Thank you.

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I believe it’s on par with Calix or a smidge cheaper

And gentlemen, what a surprise.
Ubi is entering XGS and here I will probably surprise you only with the fact that equipment similar to yours is 5 times cheaper :slight_smile:
I’m not judging functionality here, how it works, etc etc.
We are waiting for Mikrotik :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, Cambium shot prices out of space :slight_smile: