Full list of variables that can be defined and looked up with macros?

Is there a comprehensive list of variables that can be edited in cnMaestro for ePMP devices?

I would like to define more items using the lookup feature, but only see examples for ESN and MSN.

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Currently ESN and MSN are the only supported macros.  What other device values would you like to see supported with macros?


Can you possibly add one or two examples to help me better understand your question?

Currently, cnMaestro can configure any paramter that is available in ePMP's configuration file.  cnMaestro's configuration templates are partial or full configuraiton files exported directly from the ePMP device.  The file is in JSON format.

Specifically I have a need to lookup the WLAN MAC and insert it into the config.

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Seconding this even though it's been a while. With bridge-mode SMs using their WLAN MAC to send/receive traffic, this is critical for a template with dynamically-created firewall rules.

Could also get around this if the L2 firewall had an "allow traffic to/from management interface" option - in the short term I've resorted to an external script that creates a JSON config file, but this has the undesired side-effect of causing an SM reboot (while applying the same config thru cnMaestro doesn't...)