Future feature – API support

cnMaestro does not currently support APIs. But we are looking for some feedback on what types of information or what functions are most important to support via an API ?

For any suggested API, how often would you expect to execute it (i.e. once every 15 minutes, once a week, etc.) ?


Cron like capabilities would be really helpful.  We could then schedule reboots and updates to start at a particular time off hours.  Scheduling jobs to occur at at particular time, or to re-occur at a particular time daily, weekly or monthly would be helpful.

However, I woudl like to see an actual Application Programmers Interface where I could programmatically connect to the server and perform the same functions that I do manually through the web interface.  A RESTful JSON API would be ideal.  Top on my list would be:

* Gather stats (thorughput, session drops, usage, etc)

* Issue re-boots/upgrades.

* Onboard waiting devices.

But ideally any action I can do manually through the web interface I would like to be able to do programmatically through a JSON API or similar.

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Is there an API for cnMaestro either in the Cambium cloud or on a local server yet?

Yes its there on the roadmap and we will announce it soon!

Is soon in hours, days, weeks, or months?

Are you saying the API will be available or a roadmap will be availble?

By early Q2 we might announce with all the details. Again this may vary depending on other high priority item on the list.

Hi, really interested on API. do you have a draft or similar documentation about? thanks.

When we check items into our inventory system, it would nice if we could, at the same time, use the api to add Cambium mac addresses only to the onboarding queue. 

Every time we add an item, my scripting could check if that item is cambium. If it is, then I would make the api connection and add the mac address to the queue. 

Being able to trigger jobs. 

Querying for equipment that match particular criteria etc..

Right now our biggest issue is we can't schedule jobs after hours.  At least with an API we could run things on our end at the times we designate. 

Can you give an update as to what the API status is? When will it be available since Q2 is almost up?

It will be BETA release which is work in progress and will announce sometime in June.


literally can't wait for your beta guys. For me, as a network operator for WISP, would be very helpful to dig out data about all signals (tx, rx, snr, noise floor, ...), quality, modulation, link uptime, gps sync, mac, etc. Plus information about board - serial number, type (model), firmware version, interface stats, cpu load, ram, free hdd, bad_blocks, device uptime.

I believe someone will appreciate billing info like downloaded/uploaded data, current throughput ...

We have WISP network where is mixture of all vendors. To have everything "under one roof" I created simple monitoring system which puls data (in my case every 2 min) from all devices in the network (using api or snmp) and save them to db. As backend, there is a web app, where you can see all usernames (radius) with all necessary information (data usage [hours/days/years], signal levels per clients or backbone links with zooming graphs for the last week or year characteristic by daily average, drops [drop on wifi or power reboot of cpe], activated/deactivated ports on the switch or router, new connected clients, tx/rx errors on interfaces, performance of each device, information about ap [change of frequency, protocol, channel-width, etc], avaiable capacity per ptp/ptmp link with possibily to "scroll back" to see what was happening last nigh and so on :-)

I found out all these things make very easy to manage and most impotantly to predict any future anomalies.

All the best with your API!


Any news when we can expect this?

We have started close beta program, please register as beta tester under our homepage and we will let you know if you are selected for the tester program. We will also notify soon when its globally launched once the beta program is over.


Do you have any indication when API will be generally available? We have a project coming up where it is important to be able to able to manipulate the configuration of the routers on the fly and cnMaestro + API looks like the perfect solution.



Any update on this?

Would love to get some notifications going..

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NBI API support is available from 1.6.1-r10 On-Premises. Sending email notification is not yet supported.


It would be helpful insert the VLAN Port VID in the API's interrogation

I have posted an idea too


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Thanks I will add this into our feature list and keep you posted.

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Any news about VLAN Port VID in the API's interrogation?