Gathering the feedbacks - BSS & OSS for WISPs

Hello everyone! For someone, this topic will be a milestone to the right solution, for others - a place to get answers or leave own feedback. You are welcome to ask any related questions.

Splynx ( is a billing and management software that handles BSS/OSS in telecoms and is designed to perfectly suit the needs of ISPs. In 2019 Splynx is used by over 300 ISP networks all over the world. ISPs that have hundreds or thousands of active subscribers can easily integrate Splynx into their infrastructure to improve the network
management, system configuration, billing, CRM, or radius server management.

Powerful billing engine tailored to specific needs of telecoms to automate invoicing and financial aspect for Recurring and Prepaid billing of Internet and Voice services.


  • Splynx Radius server is used to perform administrative and customer’s AAA tasks.
  • Compatibility with MikroTik, Cisco, Ubiquiti, and Juniper platforms.
  • Supported Types of authentication: PPPoE, IPoE (or DHCP), Wireless Authentication, Hotspot, Static IP addressing
    Authentication rules can be also added via Mikrotik API: PPP Secrets, DHCP Leases, Hotspot users
  • Splynx Radius server is capable of processing thousands of requests, and the module is scalable for over 100 000 concurrent online sessions.


ISPs can manage and shape traffic data from the network within our software. Splynx bandwidth management include:

  • Fair User Policy (FUP) management
  • CAP configuration
  • Contentions
  • Aggregation
  • Queues for speed limitation
  • Network monitoring, and network weather maps.

The inventory module, which is optimized to support barcode scanners, allows to manage thousands of items in the stock without using special software.


  • Advanced ticketing system
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • CRM
  • Scheduling and Calendars
  • Mobile App for Customer self-service.
  • Users can receive support and notifications, change plans, check usage or pay online using a credit card.

I'm WISP and use SPLINX for a while and really happy with that. There are many things what guys can improve, but the main purpose for me is a Radius server and full control of IP addresses of routers and antennas. This is working perfectly and I forgot, at last, all my excel sheets nightmare. Also, after I purchased it and had lots of questions the support team were very helpful and replied very quick.

Just wanted to pass on feedback about the SPLYNX platform, which we have recently migrated to for our ISP business in Australia. We evaluated several platforms and although SPLYNX was missing a couple of specific features we needed relating to telco billing, we felt they had the best match to our overall needs. After some intiial contact they actually agreed to develop the extra features we needed, and those are now part of the standard version. It's true that the platform is undergoing rapid development and change, but we have found it to be very stable and reliable - no issues at all and our changeover process was smooth and easy to execute. Overall, I would say SPLYNX is an excellent platform and while we don't make use of the powerful functionality relating to WISP needs we can say that our own experiences have been very good. Well done SPLYNX.

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splynx is the best software for isp   user friendly . very helpfull support staff , all the tool that you need for isp .highly recommended. 


We currently use SPLYNX as well and are exploring how we can integrate it with cnMaestro.
Idea is to monetize wifi access but allow for a real-time view of whatever plan is purchased and consumed on the SPLYNX.

Self-registration by clients is important and again in order to centralize, we would like for these entries to reflect on SPLYNX. If there is anyone who has already done this please point us in the right direction.

Thank you.