General cost for renting space on towers

Can those of you who are renting space on towers give me an idea of how much it costs monthly or annually, and how the tower companies charge for this space. I have a call into a tower comany but have not recieved any info back yet.

thanks for you help


I consider a “reasonable” price to be $1/foot/month (read as " a doller per foot per month").

However, we have inquired about colocation on cell towers and the pricing has been outrageous. In the neighborhood of a non refundable $1,000 application fee then $10,000/month.

Screw them, we put up our own towers when we get a responce like that.

Our collocate costs are like this:

A tower load equivalent to or smaller than a 2’ dish - $275/month
A tower load larger than a 2’ dish - $325/month

* Prices are Canadian Dollars.


We pay $300 per month for 280 feet. Another place I’ve checked was $650 per month for 200 feet with a $2,500 application fee. We too are going to setup our own towers. With these high costs the pay back is pretty quick. This place ( is the only place I’ve found that looks pretty good for buying towers.


This is great information, how about land cost or lease for the your own towers?


Anytime you mention a tower they think Cingular and get $$$ in their eyes. I explain what we do and offer to trade services for part of the cost. Many are willing to work with you if you keep the tower around 60 to 100 feet. A contract is a needed thing just to keep all legal and to settle any ‘issues’ that might arise. Power is a big thing too. Here it costs $15,000 to run power a 1/2 mile. You also need to ensure is going to be there. Many big places have backups. Running by someone’s house is subject to power outages.