Get devices with No valid accounts configured through SNMP

Hi Cambium Networks,

Is there any way to identify the SM's from network through SNMP where no valid account is configured ?

Currenly i am using telnet to get these details but we would like to disable telnet login for AP and SM hence searching for alternate mechanism.

Please suggest. 


Lalit Chaudhari

Are you looking for the user login accounts?  For what radio?  For PMP 450 does the following work for you?

Name:  userLoginName!

Hi DaveS,

I need to indetify the 450SM who is having default username ( admin and root) and password is default (i.e. blank)


Lalit Chaudhari

That OID should work for you then.  


Its not giving me the required output.

Its giving me the users configured on the perticular SM but its not indicating whether the password of that user is default or user set.

Actually, I am looking for "No valid accounts configured. Using default user account" this text from SNMP.

This text i am observing while GUI login to SM where user is not configured ( default username and password)


I went down the wrong path and just looked for a way to display the accounts (login name).  I have not found way to look for accounts that have no passwords.  The OID to display the passwords for UserID's does not send the password but just sends a space.  I will have to check further to see if there is anything.

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Thanks DaveS for your efforts.

I also observed the same thing regarding password OID which is showing just a space even if user has configured some password.

I was expecting that it will show *** where password is configured and show space if password is default. 

I don't know what the platform is you're polling/monitoring from, but from a linux server you could try something like:

lynx -dump | grep -c "No valid"

That line will return a 0 or a 1, indicating if it found the string "No Valid" in the retrieved document.  (tested on my network before and after removing password on an SM - technically -c returns the count of matches, but in this case it's either zero or one)

You can feed a list of IPs to it and loop through them running that line against each, and you can get 'cuter' and do something like:

for IP in $(cat iplist); do lynx -dump http://$IP/index.htm?mac_esn= | grep -c "No valid" | sed "s/1/$IP no password set/";done

Which (with a one-per-line list of IPs fed to it in the file 'iplist') will produce a list where each line is either "0" or an IP with "no password set" noted.

Obviously it's not SNMP, but your original question indicated you were seeking an alternative to telnet, which would include http...  Grep is on just about every system ever, and lynx can be easily installed on most Linux distros.


Thanks for your suggestion.

I am using solaris server and also dont have administrator access of it. :(

It will be helpful if i get some SNMP based solution.

Have you checked the solaris server to see if it has lynx or links installed already?  IIRC some versions came with 'links', which is very similar.  (if so, then 'links --help' or 'links -h' will probably tell you its equivalent to the lynx --dump command, which dumps the raw text of the retrieved web page to the console and exits.  (which is redirected to grep to search for the critical string)