Getting a routerlimits account?

Have a brand new cnPilot R195W.

Trying to get the routerlimits feature working, but I’ve now spent an hour trying to figure out HTH to actually get an account with

Router limits says they don’t sell directly, and push to bark. A trial with bark didn’t help me get an account.

Do I sign up for router limits via cambium?

Super weird to sell a consumer device with a feature that is seemingly impossible for a consumer to make use of (I’m willing to pay $$$, just can’t figure out how or who).

So far, doesn’t look helpful, as it requires an app on the ipads, and my kids both have school issued ipads that are locked down and cannot install arbitrary apps.

Which is why I was hoping the inline monitoring via of routerlimits…

Thanks for reading!

Hey Kyle-

Skylar here from Bark. You are correct that Router Limits is only available from resellers, it is solely service provider focused.

However, I can understand it’s a little confusing at the moment because there is some transitioning being made. Router Limits was recently acquired by Bark Technologies. Since Bark provides a direct-to-consumer product, we direct any end-user interest there now.

This acquisition is exciting because it opens up additional possibilities for resellers, and brings additional features that your clients will love. We are currently working to add many of the Router Limits features to Bark. We’ve already launched many of them and plan to introduce the remainder very soon (e.g., support for routers like Cambium).

If you are interested in becoming a reseller, please see our Bark for Service Providers webpage for more information and to initiate a discussion.

If you are only interested in using Router Limits as a consumer at this time and it’s not offered by your service provider, there is a backdoor here where you can activate the router with a small monthly or annual fee.

All the best,

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That backdoor link is just what I was looking for, thanks!