Getting Started: Initial PMP Link Setup, Requisite SM Configuration

The Canopy system consists of a family of highly flexible fixed wireless access devices that can be put into service very quickly and with a minimal configuration.  Follow the procedure below to configure an SM to register to an AP:


Ensure that the module is powered on and that an Ethernet cable is connected from the accessing device to the power supply data port.  The accessing device must be configured with and IP address in the subnet.


Using a web browser, navigate to and login with username: admin and password: admin


Navigate to the Configuration -> General menu


Configure your Region and Country of operation

This parameter automatically implements frequency band range restrictions for the selected region. Units shipped to regions other than the United States must be configured with the corresponding Region Code to comply with local regulatory requirements.



Navigate to the Configuration -> IP menu


Configure the IP addressing information


·         specify an IP Address, a Subnet Mask, and a Gateway IP Address for management of the SM and leave the DHCP state set to Disabled.

·         set the DHCP state to Enabled to have the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway IP address automatically configured by a domain name server (DNS)



Navigate to the Configuration -> Radio menu


Configure the Custom Radio Frequency Scan Selection List and Channel Bandwidth Scan

Selecting multiple frequencies and multiple channel bandwidths impacts the SM scanning time. The biggest consumption of time is in the changing of the SM channel bandwidth setting.

The worst case scanning time is approximately two minutes after boot up (SM with all frequencies and channel bandwidths selected and registering to an AP at 10 MHz). If only one channel bandwidth is selected the time to scan all the available frequencies and register to an AP is approximately one minute after boot up.



Configure the Color Code

Specify a value from 0 to 254. For registration to occur, the color code of the SM and the AP must match. Color code is not a security feature. Instead, color code is a management feature, typically for assigning each sector a different color code.

Color code allows you to force a SM to register to only a specific AP, even where the SM can communicate with multiple APs. The default setting for the color code value is 0. This value matches only the color code of 0 (not all 255 color codes).


(If using an external antenna) Configure the External Gain

This value needs to correspond to the published gain of the antenna used to ensure the radio will meet regulatory requirements.


Click the Reboot button.
RESULT: The SM responds with the message Reboot Has Been Initiated…