Getting the radios to link up after losing connection.

I have a new system that i am working on and I was seeing how far the radios can be apart to communicate. We got far enough away to figure out where they would no communicate anymore. Is there something in the program that you need to do to make them link back up right away instead of power cycling everytime they lose connection??

You don't need to power cycle the radio, the link should come back up if signal quality is good.

We have a  PTP operating on 900 ISM. 1 fixed site and 1 installed in a  Moble unit to test range ,after the endpoint drives out of range they they loose link driving back into range or 50' apart they will not link backup. Only by power cycling the end point will they link back up. 

Maybe we have a configuration error ? We have test numerious times with the same results. 

Thanks AL J Haug

The solution was to turn off auto-config. please keep in mind that it could take up to 20 minute for a link to come up using auto-config

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