Gigabit Ethernet Interface

Just wanted to post a few clarifications to some questions we’ve been seeing regarding the Gig-E interface on the PMP 450 product.

First, there is indeed a 1000BaseT chip in there on the AP.

It’s not really needed at this time because throughputs don’t get over 100Mbps in a given direction… yet.

The power injectors in the current portfolio (the 30V ACPSSW series of power supplies) automatically down-negotiate the protocol to 100BaseT because of the pin out scheme that’s being used. In order to utilize 1000BaseT, all 8 wires transfer data (and 4 of them will ALSO be used for DC power). We will release a new power injector before this becomes necessary.

Also, the new injector will still be 29.5 Volts.


Can we expect to see a DC-powered version of the power gigabit power supply? For our PMP450 sites we are running full DC and would prefer an option for a small DC-only PoE. On that note, one that could be compatible with 48V systems would be very nice as well.

Thank you,

There are a couple options available for DC power of a site (or radio).

We currently recommend the Meanwell DC-DC converters, the SD-150C-24 or SD-350C-24 will work with our PMP 450 radios. These supplies will take -48VDC or +48VDC and convert to 24-30VDC.

For 10/100 BaseT connection, attach the radios using our injector cable, part # 30010227001.

For 1000BaseT (GbE) connection, there will be a new injector cable released concurrently with the new AC supply next year.

We are not planning to release a DC injector for a single radio, though if you have a 24-30VDC supply, you can use that injector to connect it to the AP.

Thank you Matt.

Is there a CMM in the works for the 450’s? One with all gig ports? Maybe a set-up like the Micro. Or is there a solution already. For my part of the country, it is better to install AP’s over 330’Cat 5e limit. So, I have been running DC power to a Micro mounted near the top of a tower to overcome the distance limitations. From there, the APs and a router are connected to the Micro. The backhaul/backhauls is connected to the router. If using a cluster of 6 450’s @ 90 megs, there is a possibility of 540 megs total. I could use a CMM4 but I have been told that there is a possibility of more throughput per AP with future software upgrades. This would make the CMM4 a choke point for data. Granted it maybe a while before throughput gets to that point but it makes me feel better if I build out with equipment that can handle anything that is thrown at it.

We don’t have any new CMM in the works right now, but are looking at better ways to do power distribution. When GPS becomes available on every Access Point (it’s coming!), the function of the CMM is reduced to power distribution.

We think our Ecosystem Partners might have a good opportunity to create something to fill this need, and we are definitely looking at more cost effective ways to do this.