Gigabit Lightning Surge Arrestor for ePMP1000

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As Cambium's 600SSH is FastEthernet only, it is not suitable for gigabit deployments.

Is there any Cambium accessories for gigabit lightning surge arrestor that works on ePMP1000 Force 180/200 and the Connectorized Radio?



I think you'd use the C000000L033A? Please someone from Cambium correct me if I'm wrong.

I think that particular surge arrestor is not compatible with the ePMP1000. Will need someone to confirm this please.

We have been using the GIGE-SS-HV, but sometimes the ethernet status drops to 100 Mbps/Full.

Look at Sri's post below regarding Power Supply and Surge Supressor Guide.



C000000L033A is good only for the GPS APs (ePMP 1000 and 2000) as these radios can take up to 56V. For all other ePMPs which are 30V devices, 600SSH is the only option. We understand that it does not allow GigE (for radios like Force 180 and 200). We're looking into a solution for this. 

Here's some more info on power supply and surge supressor compatibilities. 



I have speed issues with my 450i s and epmp using Cambiums LPUs. I have two running 100full which I just noticed and I have 5 feet of snow on our mountain.
I removed on LPU off a unit on the other site and it resolved the speed issue.

I need to further trouble shoot but I am sure its not a cable issue.

Hi all

Has Cambium been able to come with a solution for GE Lightning Surge Arrestor for Force180/200. 

Appreciate feedback from the members


Hello, is there any news regarding gbit surge protection for Force 180?

I use these

in these

For all my devices, no problems

We use the Mimosa NIDs customer installs. They're cheap, gigabit, and seem to work as well as anything else.

For PoPs we too use the McCown Tech stuff.

i use this surge protector for all epmp.. and its working good.

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Brongers - which product number is that?  That's different than the Cambium ones we've been buying.

Have you used these (GigEAPC-HV) with ePMP2000?

We are using some C000000L033A's on the non-gps force 200's for  residential installs - Will this cause issues other than they are only running 100 base full not 1000.  

Note -  on a couple of instances we have seen the power supply light flasing and no boot up.  Clipping the bond wire to the  connectors on both ends between SM an L033A  fixed the issue.

Does firmware versions have any effect on this - seems like this have only happened with version 3.3 however cannot duplicate in shop lab.



I'll take a problem with one epmp 1000. Only 100M than 1G is connected to the eth port. Version 3.3 Final or 3.4.Beta does not help. Testing more source and eth cable, so I exclude (broken off at another unit and there is a 1G)

We install Transtector ALPU 1101-959 surge arrestors on all of our ePMP and other POE device installs.

We have had several towers take lightning damage, but we have never had a device on these LPU's go down.

I doubt they fit into most WISP cost models, but they are good gear when the price allows it.

Does anyone know what model is this?  Bronger's says ''it's working good'' - does that mean it's GigaBit capable with ePMP's?   Thanx.

@Brongers wrote:

i use this surge protector for all epmp.. and its working good.

As far as I know Cambium only makes one SS that looks like that:

IMHO compaired to other solutionsthey are expensive, hard to mount, hard to work with... just a poor design all around.

Has anyone used “Mimosa Networks NID Gigabit Network Interface Device for C5” for ePMP1000 client radios?