Located in the north of the Mexican state of Chihuahua, Giganet is a WISP that serves business and residential customers in 11 municipalities. The delivery of 4-8 Mbps for residential and up to 5-10 Mbps for business services was a challenge itself, and Giganet’s growth began to slow due to interference problems and limited user capacity per sector. GIGANET NEEDED TO FIND A SOLUTION capable of supporting an increasing number of subscribers per sector, enabling them to migrate their existing customers and scale to grow with new ones over time, while also leveraging the existing spectrum as efficiently as possible

ePMP delivers satisfaction: “More customers, more bandwidth, and more stability with the same MHz.” – RAUL DUARTE, GENERAL MANAGER

GIGANET FOUND CAMBIUM NETWORKS ePMP™ 2000 with Dynamic Filter and Smart Beamforming, and tested various ePMP subscriber modules in an area with high user density. They monitored and recorded the signal level, link quality, and throughput for each of a sample of 50 randomly selected customers before and after the migration. The results were favorable for each user in the sample, yielding low latency and good navigation speed.CS_Giganet_08022018.jpgCS_Giganet_08022018 a.jpg

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