Global Configuration Backup

Two questions about this…

  1. Does the “Global PMP/ePMP/cnReach Configuration Backup” use the device selection on the configuration tab, or does it backup all of the devices that are online? The User Guide implies the former but the wording in cnMaestro implies the latter - “Configuration Backup pulls and stores configuration from all Fixed Wireless (PMP and ePMP) and cnReach devices currently online.”
  2. Is it advisable to use this with cnReach? We have licensed 12.5 kHz channels and I’m afraid of what a configuration backup might do to my channel.

I don’t want to click “Backup Now” until I’m sure I know what I’m getting myself into.

Hi Don,

The Global PMP/ePMP/cnVision/cnReach Configuration Backup feature will back up all devices that are online. Individual devices can be backed up by navigating to their Configuration tab. Currently there is not an option to back up a sub-set of device by selection.


HI Jordan
Thanks for your reply.
This section from the manual seems to imply that the user can select a subset of devices. Based on your reply, step #2 below doesn’t do anything. What am I missing?



Hi Don,

The “Global cnReach/PMP/ePMP Configuration Backup” section does not appear unless an applicable device type is selected in the Device Type drop-down. For example, if Enterprise Wi-Fi was selected then the backup section would not be listed.

Step 2 ensures that the backup section is made available.

Thanks for the clarification. I see what you mean now. I don’t think it’s very clear - another interpretation might be that I can click within the list to select the individual APs / sectors that I want to back up. Any comment on the inclusion of cnReach? I don’t even like to log into End Points over the wireless link. I would never try to upload a file. Don

In terms of what interaction/data transfer there is between cnMaestro and a device for configuration backup, it is the equivalent of clicking the View Device Configuration link in the device-level Configuration tab. You could view that on a single device to get an idea how large the configuration file being sent from the device actually is.

It is also possible to backup a single device on the device-level Configuration tab to give an idea how bandwidth intensive the process is.

Hi Jordan
I tried the backup and viewing that you suggested…
Testing confirms my suspicion that a cnReach narrowband channel is inadequate for backup and viewing of device configuration. The good news is that I get immediate error messages and it doesn’t seem like cnMaestro or the data channel get bogged down during the attempt.

For a cnReach Access Point that is connected to the network the “Backup” and “View Device Configuration” functions work fine.
For a cnReach End Point that is connected over the 12.5 kHz channel, “Backup” results in the message “Success. Backup successfully created” but the message is wrong - nothing is backed up. Last Backup still shows as “N/A”.
For a cnReach End Point over the 12.5 kHz channel, “View Device Configuration” results in the error message “Error while retrieving device template configuration”.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think that cnReach should be included, by default, as part of the global backup function.

Hi Don,

The team is discussing this issue and are trying to reproduce the backup failures over the 12.5 kHz channel.

We are considering adding a device type selection to the System level backup to allow backing up everything except cnReach.