good 100mbit bh

anyone have any suggestions for a good 100mbit bh? price is an issue.


The Orthagon gear will satisfy your BW requirements. Other than that…

What is the budget?

under 10k

I have talked to proxim and trango, all seem to be a lil high priced for me.

what about doubling two TrangoLinks? on sale for 2k per set.

You need switches that can do port aggregation0

Or you could put a Mikrotik box at each end of the Trango’s and do port bonding.

Hey Vince, I sent you an email with some proxim that were listed on ebay, one was a 100mb link and the other was a 45mb,90mb aggregate…

thanks for the info, I did decide on one of the links to use two of 45meg trangos for 2k per pair.

Along5664, I called proxim and their prices were still a little high for my application.

Thanks for the response.


Cisco 2924 switches support EtherChannel and (IMO) is going to be a much more robust solution with that type of traffic flow than a MikroTik.

Don’t get me wrong, MikroTik has it’s place, but in this case I would lean on the rusty trusty ol Cisco.

Keep in mind that you must run the enterprise image of IOS on the 2924 otherwise it will not support etherchannel. Also IOS images are protected like Microsoft software so you must have the rights to use it. If your switch does not support it (older IOS) you can call cisco and talk to TAC and get a Smartnet contract going so you can download the correct version. You must pay them $ for the contract though.

If you are shopping on fleabay be sure to try and find the switch already wtih teh correct version of IOS. You’ll be looking for a 2924-XL-EN.

Personally I would go Cisco but opt for the 2950 series of switch.