Good Firmware version to land on....

All my SM’s and AP’s have been on ver 9.0 firmware and want to start upgrading them.
I like to upgrade then see how it works, then upgrade up to another version.
But, since I am so far back in firmware I just wanted to hear from you all what is a stable firmware version to get to and then see how it works?

It is an all 900mhz network with P8, P9, and P10 boards. SM are bridged.

What is the most stable of the 9.XX?
What is the most stable of the 10.XX?

Tewa Broadband

v9.5 and v10.5. 10.5 introduced ATPC which has been a great feature.

Yes I agree -
99% of our network runs on version 9.5 for the PMP100 gear

as for the PMP430 I am keeping them upto date with 10.5

Much better than the 8.1.X days! Thanks motorola !

9.5 is excellent, we’ve been running it for a while. Just started to roll out 10.5 but have reverted the entire network due to a whole whack of issues that appeared at the same time (high jitter, SMs unable to register, behaviour similar to high interference, ATPC causing APs to run in 1X mode even though all links are stable and 2X-worthy). Unfortunately for us at upgrade time, snow and ice were (and still are) melting and there’s the question of things like smart meters in our area.

we are running 10.3.2 the best so far…