Google & Cambium Networks Webinar - CBRS: An Update for Our PALs

Join Cambium Networks and Google to discuss CBRS and PALs. We will cover the expected process and timelines for implementation, as well as the impacts and expected changes that PALs will have on CBRS. So, even if you didn’t participate in the auction, you will want to learn about this.


  • Beatriz Sebastian, Product and Operations Manager - Wireless Services, Google
  • Rob Katcher, Business Development, Google
  • Matt Mangriotis, Director - Product Management, Cambium Networks - @CambiumMatt
  • Lucia Valbonesi, Fellow, Cambium Networks - @LuciaCambium
  • Mike Glish, VP - Solutions, Cambium Networks - @Cambium_MikeG
  • David Geitner, Systems Architecture & Lead RTM, Cambium Networks - @David_Geitner

Register for the webinar here.


Will this be available for download?

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this interactive webinar! If you didn’t get a chance to join the live session, we have the recording here: