Got error when syncing config from cnMaestro to E600

Hi, when I try to sync config to my E600 from cnMaestro, the following error keep coming up. What is wrong?

radio2_channel:Channel is not supported

Thanks Tu

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Hi sudiaca1987,

That error indicates that the channel selected for the 5 GHz radio is not supported by that specific device. Hardware SKU and country code can impact which channels are valid.

I recommend checking on that device’s web UI what channels are actually available and compare that to the channel selected in the device’s Overrides (if specified) or the AP Group used.

cnMaestro leans on the safe side of providing a super-set of channels for selection rather than limit them and accidentally prevent a valid selection.


Thank you! I removes override option and reapplied, and now its in sync!

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