GPF: tdd_gpf_send tdd_maptx_add_gpf error

Every few seconds, a ePMP 2000 AP is dumping this error into the AP log and our syslog server:

GPF: tdd_gpf_send tdd_maptx_add_gpf error

I can't find information on what exactly this means.

Hi Chad

Thanks for the note. I have forwarded this to our ePMP team and support.


Hi Chad,

This error means that AP was not able to form a frame due to calculation error. 

What is the firmware version? Please send me the tech support file from the AP. 

Please also check that all the SM are running the same version as an AP.



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AP  is running 3.5.6 and all SMs are 3.5.6. I don't have the ability to download a tech support file from the AP. I rebooted the AP and the problem went away for a couple days but has returned - just not as bad.

Any particular reason why you don't want to go with 4.4.3? There is a chance it will go away.

In any case we can check it via remote access.


We have not had luck on the 4.4.x series on our old generation equipment. This gear has been on 3.5.6 since it came out and we have not had these issues. 3.5.6 has been extremely stable for us.