GPS becomes unavailable after firmware update

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I just deployed four force 2000 devices and I decided to update the GPS firmware after I have update the device's firmware, but I after the update I lost the gps and therefore the device is not transmitting except I changed the gps to internal.

please what can I do to get my gps back.


Was the GPS upgrade interrupted or did it finish successfully and the radio highlighted the "reboot" button, to indicate a reboot was required to complete the upgrade?

Have you attempted to power-cycle the unit?


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Thanks for taking a look, it got stocked on applying and I had to power circle the device, yes I have even done a reset I had to reset the device still the GPS is not showing you can see from the screenshot, it says the firmware is up to date but its not seeing the gps at all.

I've noticed that the inactive version is not the same as the current firmware, I learned on the ePMP class active and inactive banks ought to have the same version. Why don't you try it?

Hi Shawita,

when you do an upgrade the one that was there becomes and the one you just upgraded to becomes the active one you cannot have both versions as active and inactive, I have working devices with those examples.

thanks for your concern.

I had a situation with the spectrum analyzer not reverting back to AP mode, when the support team engineers look at it. First thing they addressed the firmware mismatch, once I upgraded it everything worked just fine.

Okay  I guess you had to upgrade twice to have both active and inactive to be the same right ? because I actually did that, and it was when I was upgrading the gps firmware that I had this issue the device is running fine just the gps that the system does not see.


I was able to fetch this and its from this same forum......


Please try to reboot radio via power feeding and upgrade GPS FW one more time if it is possible.
Otherwise please rise support ticket with Cambium Support.

Thank you.



I am afraid it is possible that the upgrade process may have been interrupted and the GPS chip may have ended up with a corrupted version of the firmware. The latest GPS upgrade can take up to 8 minutes. In this kind of situation, it is better to wait, refresh the browser page, and look for a notification from the device that the upgrade has completed and that the device is ready for a reboot.


As Fedor indicates, the Cambium Support team should have a procedure to attempt to re-download firmware to the GPS chip. They will need remote access via SSH to do so.



Thanks y’all,

I will contact support


Identical failure update firmware of 1 AP ePMP 1000 GPS and estimated not updated correctly GPS is red GPS icon and status gives me N / A I have it in service without GPS with internal synchronism the issue is that I have 3 AP more in the tower with GPS synchronization without updating the firmware until you solve this AP with GPS n / a.

Hello rfcom,

Please open a ticket with the support team asking for GPS chip recovery/reflash. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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