GPS cable length

Has anyone installed a GPS antenna at a longer cable length than 100 feet? If so, how did you do it and how does it function?

We are installing on a 200 foot enclosed water tower and our mounting options are limited to the top of the tower.


Any chance of install the micro on the top as well and run a cat 5 cable down to the shack it you need one there. This would save on RF cable, and long CAT5 runs. All you would need as voltage up top.

Unfortunately, that is not an option.


Would a better quality cable with less lose work? Like an LMR1700 or Heliax?

We’ve been considering something like that…wondering if anyone has done it…


We’ll I’ve run 110ft of LMR400 for a GPS cable once or twice without any problems. I would imagine you could get around 150ft with LMR600.

Might want to have a Con-Fab :slight_smile: with MOTO to see if they have an alternative.

We use LMR-400 and have a couple water towers with 200’ and Mini-GPS2’s, no problems, we have 1 with more than 225’ but it doesn’t work.

We have used quad shield RG6 coax because our GPS runs are very short and it has been working GREAT!

Isn’t RG-6 75Ohm??? I wouldn’t think that would work real well…

The loss due to the impedance mismatch is mitigated by the short cable run.

If there was high power or higher frequencies involved it would also be a problem.

110 feet is way too long. You only need 30% of clear sky. I never go over 30 feet…ever.

We only use LMR400 I think.

I have one at 4’,6’.7’ and 12’ work great