GPS Information page

hi all

i am paste here my AP GPS information page . I am using canopy with CMM but there is no GPS information showing . and RSSI & Jitter is not good … what do i do now ? can any one suggest me ?
Below is my AP Gps info

GPS Status
Pulse Status Receiving Sync
Tracking Mode Reserved
GPS Time 00:00:00 GPS Date 00/00/0000
Satellites Tracked 0 of Available Satellites 0
Height 0 meters Antenna Connection Unknown

Latitude N00 00.0000
Longitude E00 00.0000 Invalid Msg 0
Restart Count 0
GPS Receiver Information

Hasan Mahmud Riyad
System Integration Engineer

My understanding is that the information you are seeing in AP GPS Status page is correct and that there is nothing wrong. To get more detailed information about the GPS Sync log into the CMM and get your information from there.

If the AP says receiving sync the GPS is OK.

Your problems are in the AP/SM configuration, or you may be getting new interference.

Look for the threads in the forum regarding interference. There is plenty of information to help you solve your problem.

I have had a number of applications that show stange messages on the GPS status plage. As long as the we are receiving GPS sync pules I don’t worry about it. I’m not really concerned with the other info displayed.


i have noticed this scenario when using “Receive Sync From Power Port” on CMM micro. Theres nothing to worry about, the GPS is working.

If using an ordinary CMM, this happens when one or more APs in the same cluster is set to Generate Sync. You should check all the APs if this is the case.