GPS is working inconsistent on links

We have 2 connections who are acting weird.
one says he is still at the office while he is actually deployed 60km away
it’s the link that also has the DN to DN connections (ref: another topic I opened today)

The other one has 1 unit at the office and one 60km further away.

it’s 60Ghz… so I don’t know something is very odd
The sync mode is also not the standard one
the link uses GPS on the Dn and RF on the CN

On both connections we have
all the units are V2000
We don’t use cnMaestro
and we do our configurations manually.

Hello Kevin,

Thank you so much for highlighting this, the team has replicated the issue in the Lab and it’s a bug! We override the manual entry, but for some reason it was coded to do it once! So when you re-positioned it a second time the manual data was used and when the GPS got the data it didn’t update.

The whole point of having the accuracy default to 10000m is to ensure it is overwritten when the GPS gets a fix!

I’ve asked them to ensure if the accuracy is better on the GPS it must override the Manual entry every time. If a customer (and they do) want to keep the manual entry they should just set the accuracy to 1m.

It will be fixed and released in a few weeks. We are planning to release 1.3 with many new features.

In the meantime you can manual update the Lat/Long data, it will not affect the link.


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