GPS loses signal unexpectadly

Has anyone had their CMM just up and lose signal? This tower has been up and running over a year and have not had problems with it what so ever. Then today the CMM says it’s “Under Current”. We’re going to just send a new CMM, GPS, and GPS cable out to replace it, but has anyone had this just happen up and out of the blue?

Yes I have. Water got into the connector and created some small arcing between the center pin and the barrel. Carbon built up over time eventually resulting in the connection shorting and an “Over Current” message. Scraped away the carbon and it’s worked for over a year.

“Under current” indicates an open or loose connection, or possibly a bad antenna. Probably not the CMM, but possibly the GPS card on the CMM.

It may be as simple as re-seating the connectors.

Ok thanks. Yeah i’m about to head out with new everything just incase something needs to get replaced. I’m going to start small to find out what the problem is though.

Same issue for us, Undercurrent error. Ended up being the GPS cable. Replaced it and have not seen it again.

went out, open the box and there was a ton of grain dust (since the equipment is on a grain elevator). Replaced the cable and all was good. Just need to better seal the box looks like.

We received the “BAD - Over Current” message on our CMM3. We found water inside the cable and the carbon Jerry mentions in the post above. The carbon was too much to scrape off so we cut/recrimped the end and that fixed the issue.

Under current 9 out of 10 times under current means cable problems. We had one CMM keep doing after replaced it. A week later we realized the tech had grabbed the wrong Coaxial cable. replaced it with the correct stuff, has been fine since.