"GPS Out of Sync" message being reported on seven APs

We are running cnMaestro on Premises v. 2.1.0-r21. We note that several of our PMP450 APs v16.0.0.1 are throwing a "GPS Out of Sync" error. However all devices are accessible and all are reporting no issue with GPS sync (see representative screen capture). The sites reporting this error are scattered around our network at six different locations. One location is reporting two APs out of sync. Thoughts?

Were those seven APs disconnected from cnMaestro for a significant amount of time?  Trying to understand the scenario that led up to this.

No. Devices have been on our network for months now. All are accessible via the network, and to our knowledge, always have been. Attached is current list of APs showing this error. I'm just wondering why the message is persisting? And why not all APs at a particular site?

We used to see this frequently with older cnMaestro. 

Now with r23 and PMP450i with 15.2 software we have one AP (out of 30 APs) where the cnMaestro dashboard for the AP says "Generating Sync - Free Run". There was a minor sync alarm back on Feb 5 but that was cleared in less than a minute with a "GPS in Sync" notification. Logging into the AP shows that there is no problem with sync. 

The same AP also shows power of -30 dBm on cnMaestro but the power is actually set to +19dBm. I changed the power config on Feb 5 and it seems like the AP dashboard data didn't update properly in cnMaestro when the AP rebooted.

I thought of rebooting the AP but wondered if Cambium has any suggestions for things to try before I reboot. Is there any way to refresh cnMaestro info for a monitored device?There are no SMs on this AP so it's easy to work with.


Todd, does the device with the shortest GPS Sync alarm duration have any online or offline events in its Notification -> Events tab since the alarm was activated?  There should be a GPS Sync event when the alarm was first activated.

I am investigating this from our end with help from the PMP team.

dworkman, is the device you're seeing the GPS Sync alarm an ePMP or PMP device?

You should be able to trigger a manual refresh of device data by clicking the Refresh button at the top right of the Dashboard when at the device level in cnMaestro.  Next to the button it is also displayed when the device data was last updated.

Hi Jordan

The manual refresh resulted in the correct sync and power status appearing in cnMaestro. 

Thanks, I hadn't noticed the refresh button before.


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Yes, there are many Station Drop and Station Registered messages.

Was this ever resolved?  I'm on the latest and greatest versions on both cnMaestro and the PMP450m APs, but I am also getting these alarms in cnMaestro despite the AP showing no issues.

We now have identified what may be the cause of the issue and it has been added to our bug tracker, targeted for a near future cnMaestro release.  This has not yet been fixed though.

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Is there been any updates on this? I have 3x 450i APs all reporting this issue in the hosted cnM. All APs are running I tried the little refresh button in the top right corner but that doesn’t seem to have done anything to help. Thoughts? Thanks


No, this has not been fixed yet. I will put some priority on this to get it fixed in a near-release after 3.1.1.

Yes we also see this from time to time. Annoying false positive that one would think Cambium could easily fix.

This will be fixed in the next release.

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