GPS RPSMA connector on 3000L

On the 3000L the GPS rpsma connector is exposed (not covered like on other radios) and Cambium (at least here in the forums) recommends not using the GPS Puck and in fact the 3000L doesn't come with a GPS puck. 

So, do you need to weatherproof this exposed connector somehow ?  We put two 3000Ls up over the weekend, and now one of them can't maintain GPS sync and the other is clearly struggling.  The installer didn't take the little black caps off the GPS connector (why would he ?) but it occurs to me that the problems started about the time it started raining and I'm assuming those little black caps (upside down on the bottom of the radio) probably have water in them. 

Should the rpsma caps be removed and some sort of weatherproofing attempted on the connectors or is water a concern on them ?


In general, GPS puck antenna are powered by 3.3-5v dc as these are "active" antennas (amplifiers built inside the puck). I do not know if in the case of the 3000L if this same 3.3-5v circuit could effect the rest of the GPS module if this 3.3-5v dc voltage is pulled down (by water, etc). Personally, I would waterproof them. 


If notbusing the puck then take the cap off and either add a weather tight cap or leave exposed as per cambium.
This was a topic of disgruntlement back when the 3kL came out. We opted to add a puck as the local cellular system was killing our gps satellites.