GPS sync alternatives to the CMM{,micro}...

Does anyone know of a GPS receiver that will produce the correct PPM the canopy equipment will work with?

I don’t like that fact that the CMMmicro shares the same ethernet wire, sharing the same broadcast domain, with other canopy equipment attached to it.
Apparently it is just a layer 2 switch without any ability to route or switch at layer 3 or qos. (I’ll stick to my cisco 3550 for that)

And the drawbaks with the CMM is that it’s more expensive than the CMMmicro, and I would be using only half of the equipment.

So I’m looking for a GPS sync solution that I can tie into PIN 1 of the RJ11 cable.

If you know of such a thing, please post :smiley:

We use the following device in all of our locations for sync:

This allows us to use our own switch or router like you are wanting to do.


score 1 for the good guys.


Anybody else have others?..

this is excellent… we now have intelllegient options

Thanks jmoore