GPS sync gigabit SM?

I have an old connectorized epmp SM running a 100M port that I'm using as a PtP for a link where the AP has a GPS sync.

I know the AP has gigabit though, so it can handle more than 100M, but my SM won't because of the port.

So what connectorized radio model should I be using if I want > 100M on my SM end of a PtP link? I could use another GPS sync radio, but that doesn't make sense, since the SM uses the GPS sync on the AP anyway, no?


You are absolutely right that GPS sync is required only on AP side.

You can use new ePMP SMs - Force 180/200. Force 180 has integrated 16 dBi antenna and Gigabit Ethernet port. Froce 200 has 25 dBi Dish antenna in 5 GHz band and Gigabit Ethernet port.

Thank you.

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To add to Fedor's response, you could also go with a Force 110 PTP (, which uses the same connectorized ePMP1000 with Sync radio, but limits the number of clients to 10 (ePMP1000 Lite) and comes with a 25dBi dish. This combo has a MSRP which is lower than your "full blown" ePMP1000 with Sync radio, as it is intended as a PTP solution, but it is the same hardware.


Yes, but I need a larger shielded dish on the far end.

If you want a different dish then Luis' suggestion works - Force110 is the AP 'lite' radio (FCC version US cord) - about $225 with dish (C058900B052A) or $210 without (C058900R052A) - gigabit ethernet, gps and two RP-SMA connectors for antenna.  If you're not using the Cambium dish then you'll probably also want a N000900H006A mounting kit.


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