GPS Sync question regarding sectors facing one another

I was wondering if I had 2 sectors facing one another, separated by 3 miles, would it be possible to utilize the same frequency on both sectors? Utilizing GPS sync of course?

This is not typically recommended. Since the distance is only 3 miles, it is possible that the two sectors will interfere with each other, especially with GPS sync, since they will both be Txing exactly at the same time. The interference will be at their respective SMs on the downlink. However, with enough downtilt and obstructions, this may work but that’s on a case by case basis. Too much downtilt may also reduce your range.

But since they are facing each other, the subscribers of each sector will have there back to the opposing sector. If they have a good front to back ratio, they shouldn’t be hearing the other sector at a very high signal should they?

Hi Chris,

Typically, in a GPS synchronized system, we rely on the front to back ratio of the sector antenna, not the SM’s antenna. When two sectors are facing each other using the same channel, the SMs on the first sector will hear the second sector’s AP (and vice versa), unless these SMs are installed behind a wall or side of a house or barn which will completely isolate them from the second sector. Having said that, this scenario is not recommended but not an impossibility. If the two sectors have enough isolation between them due to bumpy terrain, thick tree cover, strategically installed SMs etc., then this is definitely possible.

Okay, thanks for the thorough answer.
I understood the benefits of gps for sectors on the same tower. I was just putting some thought into frequency planning for nearby towers and was wondering if there was a way to maximize frequency reuse.