GPS Sync required?

Will a DN stop broadcasting if it loses GPS sync?

In my experience, no. I have my v5000 POP which has GPS connecting to a v5000 DN that has GPS disabled, and v1000’s connected to both. All is running normally. It seems the POP timing is the heart of link ignitions.

If you have only one DN/POP (V5000) in the network, it drops all CNs when GPS loses sync.

You can force disable GPS, but then you will not have synchronized your network in case you have more DN/POPs.

From my experience, very important is unobstructed GPS antenna view. GPS antenna is located on top of the V5000. In our case we had V5000 mounted directly to the pole mast on the roof with no antennas above. We suffered outages few times a month. After moving V5000 about 40cm away from the mast - to L shaped antenna holder, no more outages experienced.

If you have more units equipped with GPS (V5000 or V3000) connected together, they probably can share synchronization via wireless network. I am not sure here, but another V5000 DN/POP without GPS reception estabilished link with V3000 and wrote about synchronizing from those V3000 CN.

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