GPS sync scenario with 450i

Wondering if it’s possible for the cnMatrix to provide GPS sync to a 450i in a scenario where you are going switch > fibre > media converter > 450i ?

The reason for doing this is on colocated tower runs where we’ve had issues with Ethernet dropping out where we’ve gone switch > copper > radio.

No, that configuration won’t work. Cambium sync must be delivered over the copper interfaces on the switch and can only be carried through dumb devices, like a patch panel, inline ethernet surge protector, etc.

The two alternatives I can think of are… 1. Do your outlined plan and instead install cnPulse near the radio to deliver sync via the AUX port on the 450i. OR 2. Ditch the 450i and go with a 450m which has SFP and copper ports. You can get the lower cost sector only version of the 450m (no MU-MIMO), or a used one and then use fiber for data and use the copper just for PoE & sync (assuming 450m 5GHz). If you’re using 450m 3GHz, then you will need 3 cables… the fiber/SFP, copper for sync, and DC cable for power.

We’ve had issues with getting GPS on the tower itself so the cnPulse has been installed on a building roof away from the tower.

What about the 450i aux port, could I connect that back to the cnMatrix to provide the GPS?

No, that won’t work either.

Packetflux AUX box will work