GPS synch with original CMM

Hi, will the ePMP 1000 AP connectorized /w GPS synch (C058900A112A) work with the original Canopy CMM GPS synch (Cluster Management Module)?  We are looking at replacing the legacy PMP100 FSK series with the ePMP 1000 series.

Also, is it possible to have both the built-in GPS all ready to go, so that in the future, if and when it is decided to migrate to a 1Gpbs Ethernet interface/switch, we can either use the external PoE brick or PoE Gig switches and then switch to the internal GPS for it's GPS synching.  That way, we can use the CMM initially, and when growth, demand and more datarate/throughput is required we can switch and take full advantage of the ePMP 1000 1GBps Ethernet interface?


You should be able to power up and provide sync to ePMP GPS Sync units using either CMM3 or CMM4. If you have a mix of CMM3 and CMM4 in your network, I will strongly recommend taking a look at the "ePMP Configuration in a Frequency Reuse Deployment" document from our ePMP Support area (  ) as it discuses recommended configuration when mixing different sync sources.

If you are planning to possibly remove the CMMs in the future, you should deploy your ePMP APs with GPS antennas installed, so that you can later reconfigure the APs to use the on-board GPS receiver as a timing source. This setting is configurable from the GUI (Configuration->Radio page).



Hi, Cambium Support, thanks very much. I was really referring to the original CMM GPS.  Not the CMM3 or CMM4.  But since then, I see where it will not work with the ePMP 1000 series. 

The original Canopy CMM GPS only provided synch via the Canopy PMP100 GPS timing port.  It didn't provide GPS via/through the Ethernet interface.  Unlike the newer CMM3 or CMM4.  Since, it appears that the ePMP 1000 series does not have this extra RJ12 GPS timing port, then the original CMM GPS will only work with the Canopy series with the GPS timing port (RJ12-6pin) interfaces.

Will look at the Last Mile Gear GPS timing devices.  Hopefully, they have one that supports the GiGe interface.



Packetflux Gige Syncinjector also does gig.  I think they're $170 for 4 ports.

Hello Lincoln,

Sorry for the misunderstanding. You are correct by indicating ePMP devices do not have a timing port, hence they would not be able to receive timing information from that type of CMM, Only CMM3 and CMM4 are fully supported with ePMP devices.



Hi Cambium;

Thank you for your follow-up.  We will attempt to have the GPS Synch one working with the CMT-1 series. Last Mile Gear GPS synch set.  Hopefully it works.