GPS upgrades

Looking for clarification on a KB on GPS sync here: HERE

I didn't know there was an update for the GPS on ePMP 2000.  I knew about the early issues with the ePMP 1000 models but I thought that firmware upgraded the puck firmware.  Does this new "2nd gen" GPS upgrade update the puck or just the internal GPS sync in the radio?  Is the puck just the antenna for the internal GPS chip?  If so, I never understood this.  Just looking for some clarity.  

The puck is just a passive active antenna... there's not a chip in it. The internal GPS chip can get a signal from either the internal antenna or the puck antenna.


Cambium can correct me if wrong, but if like other GPS systems, there isn't a GPS chip in the pucks... but there is a LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) inside these pucks. They are powered by 3-5 volts from the the GPS chip inside the ePMP and should give about 28db of gain making them an active antenna. 


Thanks so much for your replies.  I never knew that. Thanks!


The update updates only internal GPS module, not the puck(although it is active as mentioned above),


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