Last year we bought a loaded cluster management module. At the time of installation, we noticed the GPS was reporting:

Pulse Status Receiving Sync
Tracking Mode Reserved
GPS Time 00:00:00 GPS Date 00/00/0000
Satellites Tracked 0 Available Satellites 0
Height 0 meters Antenna Connection Unknown
Latitude N00 00.0000
Longitude E00 00.0000 Invalid Msg 0
Restart Count 0

GPS Receiver Information

After a long day, we concluded that we must not have a clear shot to the sky, so our next visit we moved the GPS antenna to the top, checked the cables, and went home feeling good it would work. Unfortunately, we are getting the same readings.

I contacted support, and was told I would need to RMA the ENTIRE CMM, which of course, with over 100 customers on it, is out of the question.

Has anyone else had this problem, or have a more practical troubleshooting suggestion? I had hoped to just buy a GPS kit, but apparently they are not available.

Thanks for your help!

Do a search. There was someone on here that found a supplier for the gps modules inside the CMM for something like $100.

Here you go:

Or, you could order a new CMM as a backup and when it comes in, replace the GPS card in the bad unit, and send the new CMM in with the bad card for service. When you get it back you’ll have a backup.

the CMM will everntually fail and you will be SO glad you have a backup!

Jerry Richardson wrote:

the CMM will everntually fail and you will be SO glad you have a backup!

There is a hopefull bit of news! Kindly document this assertion. I really didn't want to buy the CMM we bought in the first place. To hear that the purchase is only temporary because it is going to fail is more than I will lightly accept.

Micers, It may comfort you to know that we have been running on our first CMM for 3 years now without any problems at all. We DO have inline filters for power, two grounds, and a massive battery backup that I think has something to do with it. Living at 7000ft we have had some horrendous lightning storms, especially this year for some reason.

n7slc, you were right on the money with your link. I wrote the company that sells GPSs and they already wrote back. Unfortunately, it was to let me know the sales dept needed to consult with their techs before they can tell me if they have what I need, but at least they were quick!

Jerry, I really don’t want to invest in a full CMM right now, but you’re prolly right, having a spare would be a good idea. I have been looking on ebay for some time, but no luck. So, where do you recommend buying moto gear? I dumped my last vendor (after spending 35k!) because as soon as it came time for a litle support, they ducked in the shadows and said “deal with motorola!”